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I was born and raised in Sakhanin in israel, one of the biggest Arab cities in Israel. As a kid I have always been fascinated with photography and photographers. It was until three years ago that I could do photography professionally, when I purchased my first DSLR. A used one for a little over two hundred dollars. Portrait photography is my favorite but Landscape is very close to my heart. Photography for me is also about going out into the world, ,albeit a bit smaller world, but not lacking any charm, or richness of the big world. I like to hangout with fellow young photographers. We share tips and experiences and often go on trips and meet new people, in other cities and villages in Israel and Palestine. I learn a lot from seeing the world in people's eyes and feel an honor to show their stories through my lens. My camera has become yet another dimension of communication with the world, that I enjoy using the most.

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sakhnin , israel 3081000
Tel: 054-6104060

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